The forging concept allows for a variety of metal deformation alternatives. Closed and open die forging are the two most frequent processes. While the two forms of forging share the same basic notion of employing pressure and temperature to change material, the use of dies to create the metal distinguishes them.

Open Die Forging forming

Open Die Forging

Open die forging is the process of deforming a piece of metal between multiple dies that do not entirely contain it. The metal is transformed as the dies hammer or press with a succession of movements until the desired shape is achieved. Open forging products frequently require additional machining and refining to achieve the tolerances required for completed standards.Short-run forgings of parts with simple designs, such as rings, sleeves, discs, shafts, and cylinders, are frequently done with open die forging. Open die forging can also be used to create custom shapes. The strength of the grain structure is increased by repeatedly putting the material through the deformation process. Improved fatigue resistance and strength are two more advantages of open die forging.

Closed Die Forging

Closed die forging, also known as impression die forging, is a metal deformation method that compresses a piece of metal to fill an enclosed die impression using pressure.A series of impression dies is used in some closed die forging procedures to adjust the shape of the material into the final required shape and form. The number of passes the product required through the dies is determined by the type of material, tightness of tolerances, and necessity for heat treatment.

Industries That Benefit From Closed and Open Die Forgings

All types of businesses employ open and closed die forging to make the parts they need. The industries that profit from open die forgings are as follows:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Gas and Oil
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Nautical
Open Die Forging

Want to Know More About Open Die Forging?

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