Machined castings are required if you want unique and seamless metal casting parts. As soon as they leave the mold at the factory, castings aren’t always ideal. Machining enables us to customize your casting to fit your specific requirements. Whatever machining process you want for your project, we keep it simple. Continue reading to discover more about machining and whether machined castings are suitable for your next project!

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How Exactly Is Machining Done?

Three Primary Tools of Machining

Machining is divided into the following sorts of machining tools, which are described in detail:


Turning is a lathe operation that involves removing metal from a workpiece outside its diameter with a cutting tool. This process is carried out on a lathe, which is a machine that allows the workpiece to be adjusted while the tool remains fixed and rotates the workpiece. Lathes are intended explicitly for turning operations and aid in the most exact cutting of metal. The workpiece is inserted into the chuck, and the machine spins the fixed tool to remove the undesired bits.


Drilling is a method of making holes in metal using circular cylinders. This task is completed with a twist drill. The drilling procedure removes 75 percent of the metal cutting material. The drill is inserted into the workpiece and makes a hole the same diameter as the instrument used to cut the whole. The pointed end of a drill allows it to carve a hole in the workpiece readily.


Milling is one of the most basic machining procedures. Because the degree of freedom is excellent, this manufacturing technique is less precise than turning procedures. Milling is used to create objects that are not axially symmetric. For this, you’ll need a milling machine, as well as a fixture, cutter, and, of course, the workpiece. The workpiece, in this case, is a pre-shaped material that requires milling. It’s clamped to the fixture and ready to be milled. The workpiece is passed through the cutter, which eliminates the undesired metal.

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How Do I Get Machined Castings?

Machined castings might be challenging to work with. As a result, finding a company that knows both the casting and machining processes is critical. We can provide you with machined castings for your next project. Ferralloy Inc. can offer you high-quality as-cast or completely machined components that are both affordable and on schedule. Contact our metalworking specialists now for more information or a quotation on your machined castings!