Though investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, has been around for thousands of years, there have been improvements to the method. The modifications are intended to improve the pattern development procedure and address the use of wax. Evaporative pattern casting is the general term for lost wax casting because the material used to produce the pattern is removed or evaporates.

Workers use the investment casting method

What Are the Different Kinds?

Casting in Foam

Engineers can use it to produce three-dimensional renditions of their conceptualizations. It is a manufacturing process used to make decorative, elaborate, and intricate metal shapes, arrangements, and designs.

Investment Casting in Water Glass

Instead of ethyl silicate, the water glass is employed as the shell’s binding agent. The technique, which dates back to the 1950s, has a material cost and manufacturing cycle advantages. It has a simpler technique, operation, and parameters that may be accomplished by ordinary personnel, resulting in increased production and efficiency.

Casting with Direct Investment

The first approach involves carving the pattern by hand or machine to generate a one-up version that is then treated using the lost wax method. This method is used to make a prototype, produce small batches of final products, or determine dimensions.

Sand Casting

Sand casting is used to make huge pieces by pouring molten metal into a mold hole that has been formed out of natural or synthetic sand. The cavity is constructed by using a pattern, which is usually made of wood or metal and is the same shape and size as the actual item. The cavity is somewhat larger as a result of the pattern being slightly oversize, which compensates for the contraction of molten metal during cooling.

investment casting manufacturing process

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