You may have a lot of questions about Seamless Rolled Ring. Perhaps you’ll agree that they’re known to be tougher, more adaptable, and more cost-effective compared to other methods which are precisely the reasons why they help power jet turbines, jet engines, windmills, rock crushing equipment, helicopter gearboxes, railways, and many more. Knowing this, we won’t be surprised to find out that Seamless Rolled Rings are being used in power generation, mining, the oil industry, and even the military.

How are Seamless Rolled Rings Processed?

The process involved in the production of Seamless Rolled Rings is called ring rolling using a machine that can create rings of a range of weights and diameters called a rolling mill. Ring rolling starts with the upsetting of a starting stock on two flat dies at plastic deformation temperature. For example, the temperature is set at approximately 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for grade 1020 steel.Next, a punch will be formed into the hot circular upset stock. Once the metal is radially displaced, a process called shearing takes place. Shearing involves the removal of the small punchout in order to produce a completed hole through the stock. After a doughnut-shaped component is formed, it is then heated to recrystallization temperature before it is placed on the idler roll and squeezed against the drive roll. As the ring is being rotated in this process, its diameter, as well as the thickness of its wall, will increase. Once the component is off the ring mill, secondary operations can be performed. These include close tolerance sizing, heat treatment, parting, and inspection. A range of configurations is being used in the production of Seamless Rolled Rings.

What are the Common Types of Seamless Rolled Rings?

  • Alloy Rolled Rings can produce stronger steel that is used for gear and bearing as well as industrial equipment applications.
  • Carbon Rolled Rings are usually used for pressure and structural vessel applications.
  • Stainless Rolled Rings that are heat and corrosion resistant are used for food and chemical processing applications.
What are seamless rolled rings?

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