Seamless rings are produced through a ring rolling process that involves the use of a rolling mill. A rolling mill is a machine that can create rings with different diameters as well as weights. Moreover, various types of materials can be used to create seamless rings – one of which are exotic alloys.


This type which happens to be a family of austenitic nickel or chromium superalloys is resistant to oxidation. Furthermore, it is able to maintain its structural integrity even when it is exposed to excessive temperatures. This is often used in certain applications where the required materials are able to succumb to corrosion brought forth by stress-corrosion cracking and high purity water or to caustic corrosion. Inconel seamless rings are very much present in industries including food processing, production of jet engine parts, cryogenic storage tanks, aerospace, chemical processing, and commercial gas turbines.


This age-hardening nickel-based superalloy was first developed in the late 1950s. It is known for its valuable strength that enables it to withstand temperatures of up to approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit or 980 degrees Celsius. Since it is quite challenging to weld, it works best on materials that are in solution-annealed conditions. Aside from the fact that its corrosion resistance is great, it is also extremely useful for operations in extreme environments because it is relatively invulnerable to oxidation in gas turbine atmospheres. Waspaloy is used in gas turbine blades, shafts, rings, seals, and turbine disks.

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