When it comes to needing parts to work in high temperature, it is important to remember to work with a heat resistant casting. However, not all heat castings are created equal. There are numerous different factors that go into selecting the proper component. Radiant Tubes are one of the many types of heat resistant products that might be perfect for your next project!

What is a Radiant Tube?

A radiant tube is a very important part of furnaces that are used for the heat treatment of other metals. The tube is used to help heat the components that need heating but prevents the metals from coming into contact with things that might combust. They are classified by their contraction. The simplest tubes are just vertical or horizontal but they have been known to be very complex.

Why Are They Used?

Radiant tubes are important because of what they do. No matter what the size or shape of the radiant tube, they ensure that there is no contact between the heat from the burner and the material in the furnace occur. These tubes are used because they can withstand extremely high heats, upwards of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are radiant tubes?

Where Can I Find Radiant Tubes?

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