When you use open die forging is combined with closed die forging in your tailored forging process, you can optimize time and cost savings.

How Hybrid Forging Works

In order to move material more efficiently, hybrid forgers can use less tonnage in a prescribed manner instead of pushing 100% of the material’s surface area. This is made possible by the tooling and mechanics of the process. When it comes to closed die forging, 100% of the workpiece must be manipulated at the same time. Since it ultimately comes down to pounds per square inch, the hybrid forging process is able to produce larger and more complex components on the open die press. Aside from this, more efficient use of tooling and investment dollars can also be expected. Furthermore, the hybrid forging process allows you to quickly and effectively change the tool design than with casting molds or closed die impression.

Hybrid Forging Offers Enormous Benefits

Hybrid forging delivers great manufacturing, economic, and quality advantages compared to alternative metalworking processes. You’ll need to look into the part’s structural strength, impact strength, and directional strength. Aside from the fact that hybrid forging provides structural integrity that other metalworking processes fail to match, it also eliminates gas pockets and internal voids that produces weak metal parts. As it disperses the segregation of non-metallics, the hybrid forging process can provide you with excellent chemical uniformity.

Strength is Key

When it comes to the aspect of impact strength, the hybrid forging technique can produce components that can meet any load, stress, or impact requirement. Maximum impact strength and fatigue resistance can be met due to the proper grain flow orientation. In terms of impact directional strength, hybrid forging produces uniform and predictable grain size and flow characteristics. Porosity is also eliminated because the forging stock is pre-worked to refine the ingot’s dendritic structure.

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