If you’re looking to find answers to your questions about open die forging, then you’ve come to the right place. For you to understand why you should buy metal forgings, let’s take a closer look at this type of process.

What is Forging?

Forging refers to the process involving the shaping of metal by applying compressive impact force by hand or certain mechanical manipulators after this has been heated.

What is Open Die Forging?

The open die forging process involves the shaping of hot metal parts through the use of net shape dies. Forgings of this type can be forged from a few pounds to over a hundred tons and over 80 feet long.

What are the Common Forging Products?

The process of open die forging typically produces round, rectangular, square, and hexagonal bars, beams, as well as other basic shapes. Common products formed include hubs, spindles, step shafts, mandrel, metal shells, pierced blanks, and simple pancakes forgings.

What are the Advantages of Forging?

One of the advantages of open die forging is the fact that it produces forging that has unique physical properties because the metal’s physical properties are enhanced and improved during the forging process. This means that its density is increased as its grain structure is being refined – both contribute to the metal’s overall strength. Furthermore, the metal’s grain flow is altered in such a way that it counteracts, accepts, as well as neutralizes a completed part’s or assembly’s stress load burden.

Where can I get open die forging?

Looking for More Information About Open Die Forging?

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