To obtain many specific metal components there are certain processes that the metal undergoes. For products like a machined investment casting components, it needs to undergo a process after the part is casted called machining. We have already discussed what machining is, but there are several different tools and processes within machining that are specific to the component and its purpose. Depending on what the machined investment casting components will ultimately be used for, the type of machining it undergoes could vary. Curious to find out what types of machining are available for your metal components? Keep reading to find out more!

Machined investment casting is a specialty of Ferralloy.

Types of Machining

The technology involved in the process of machining varies between different tools used for cutting. There are times where a machined investment casting needs a certain texture or a very specific measurement, and in each case a different tool is utilized. A few of the different types of machining operations include turning, drilling, boring, reaming and milling. In turning a single edge cutting tool is used to remove excess material from a rotating component and create a cylindrical shape. In drilling a round hole is being created and in boring, which is similar, a single bent tip is used to improve the accuracy of an already roughly made hole. Reaming removes a small amount of excess metal from an already drilled hole and milling is a rotating tool with several cutting edges that is utilized to create a straight surface.

Machined Investment Casting Applications

Investment casting is used in aerospace and power generation industries to create a variety of components. Machined investment casting includes the process of machining the component after it has been manufactured in order to have it delivered to the company’s exact specifications. In these types of industries, it is important to ensure that any exact measurements are achieved in machined investment casting, and Ferralloy Inc has the experience and authority to provide this service and product to you. As an industry leader, Ferralloy, Inc is equipped and experienced in delivering high quality metal components at competitive prices. Contact our metal component manufacturing company today!