Are you aware of the increasing global demand for machined forgings? The fact that the global forging market is expected to grow by leaps and bounds between 2017 to 2025 makes us wonder why machined forgings are preferred in high-precision industries that include automotive, automation, aerospace, fire systems, water circulation, and more. Check out the biggest benefits of machined forgings:

Strength and Reliability

If you want to make sure that your metal parts will exhibit superior strength and reliability, go for machined forgings. Compared to products that were produced via casting, fabrication, and welding, machined forgings are able to maintain their performance on a wider temperature range because of their tight grain structure.


You’ll be amazed at the wide array of metals that can be forged into your desired shape. Although each of these options comes with a unique set of characteristics, the forging process can be applied in the production of specific parts that your project requires. Commonly used metals that are used to produce machined forgings include titanium, copper, carbon, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. As a result, industries are able to spend less money to create strong components.

Enhanced Metallurgical Properties

In most cases, a process that involves selective heating and non-uniform cooling leads to failure of a particular component. With machined forgings, you can be sure that your finished shape will exhibit superior grain flow without internal voids. You’re probably aware that shrinkage and porosity are often seen in casted products. However, with machined forgings, the occurrence of unexpected failure under high-temperature differences or stress is greatly reduced.


When it comes to precision metal manufacturing in high production runs, machined forgings offer a significant cost advantage because of the fact that the materials that can be used in the process are cheaper compared with the materials that are required in other metalworking processes.

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