Anyone who’s in the metalworking industry knows how important the casting process is. In case you’re not familiar, this allows the creation of a wide variety of complex metal components and an equally broad selection of metal types for various industries across the globe. In some cases, these castings can even be used in the exact same form that they had when they left the mold. However, these castings usually need to be machined to serve their purpose well. Machined castings are castings that went through the process of cutting, grinding or other nontraditional machining processes. Here are some of the common misconceptions about this process:

Machining is Automatic

Despite the greater consistency that today’s modern casting methods offer, it’s still not possible to let the machines do all the work. Although past jobs can be duplicated for future projects, these will still require the expertise of a seasoned machinist who can identify and eliminate variations, nuances, anomalies, as well as dulling tools to ensure top quality results.

Machining is Extremely Easy

Many people assume that the computerized automation of the machining and casting process makes it very easy to complete. However, without the right people who have the skills, training, and experience to ensure safety, efficiency, and accuracy, the delivery of high-quality products would be virtually impossible. Machinists are responsible for activating and monitoring the cycles, loading and unloading the workpieces and making all the necessary adjustments.

All Jobs Take the Same Amount of Time to Run

Although the machines and tools can make production relatively easier as they automate the work, their presence still won’t guarantee that each job will have the same run time.

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