Steel castings are widely used in various industries for their strength, durability, and precision. They are made by pouring molten steel into a mold, where it cools and hardens into the desired shape. Iron castings are also used in many applications but are not as strong or durable as steel castings.

steel castings process

Benefits of Steel Casting

Easy to Produce

Steel castings are easier to produce, making them more efficient for automated production methods. Because of their superior performance and reliability, container lashing systems often use forged steel components. Their exceptional reliability and tolerance capabilities make them a top choice for securing cargo during transport.

Metallurgical Versatility

These castings allow you to choose various organizational control and chemical compositions that fit your project’s requirements. In other words, steel castings provide strong metallurgical adaptability and variability. Furthermore, compared to any other cast metal, you can achieve a wide array of mechanical and physical properties by simply making variations in its alloy, carbon content, and/or heat treatment.

Size Range

Another advantage this casting type can offer is its size range and considerable weight. Steel castings can be as massive as hundreds of tons or as small as a few ounces. Their quantities also differ from one to thousands per order.

Applications of Steel Casting

Due to its strength and reliability, numerous industries rely on steel castings. Companies or manufacturers use steel castings for electronics and food processing to oil and gas. Some companies that use this casting type include the railroad, construction, drilling, transportation, and mining industries. Examples of items are steel casting gears, valve bodies, pump casings, mining machinery, marine equipment, engine cylinder blocker, forging presses, and railroad truck frames.

steel castings process

Where to Get Steel Castings

Steel is a versatile and durable metal that has many advantages and a few disadvantages for casting applications. Get hold of us for more information.