If you need unique parts for your next project, you may want to consider choosing investment castings. Due to the fact that it offers flexibility in terms of design, these components are widely used in various industries. Primarily created by utilizing a specific mold for the series of coating and hardening processes, investment castings feature remarkably unique surfaces that can be easily recreated. One of the methods used to create investment castings is through the gravity-fed process.

what are investment castings?

A Closer Look at Gravity Fed Castings

What Exactly Are Gravity Fed Castings?

Gravity is a force that we’re familiar with. However, when it comes to metalworking, this natural force can be used to produce durable industrial parts. Also referred to as permanent mold castings, gravity-fed castings are created after the liquid metal is poured from a vertical position into a specific metallic tool. Aside from the fact that no additional force is applied during the entire process, gravity fed castings can also be produced using semi-permanent mold casting cores that are made of metal and sand.

How are Gravity Fed Castings Made?

It all starts with a mold that has already been preheated. Preheated molds make it a lot easier for the material to flow. It also protects the casting from being damaged before the mold is coated by metal workers or machines. The coating process keeps the material from sticking. Next, the material is poured or invested and hardened before it is removed. This entire process is done repeatedly until the target is fulfilled. As mentioned earlier, no extra force is applied except for gravity.

What are the Advantages of Using Gravity Fed Castings?

Gravity-fed castings are great for large production orders because it’s easy for manufacturers to redo the molding process for more castings. Furthermore, these castings offer more structural integrity than other alternatives because less gas gets trapped within the molds.

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