The casting process involves the mass production of components in which metals in a molten state are poured or injected into prepared molds where they solidify into solid metal shapes before being sand or shot blasted to their desired shapes. Compared to other methods such as shaping or cutting, complex metal parts can be rapidly formed at a much lower cost with the use of this manufacturing process. No wonder different types of industries prefer to use the casting process to create large varieties of metal parts. There are three major types of casting processes – investment castings, sand castings and die castings. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

Investment Castings

When you’re processing metals that are extremely difficult to be fabricated or machined or those that can’t be formed by your usual techniques for manufacturing, you’ll need to use the ancient manufacturing processes of investment castings. Investment castings provide outstanding surface finish as well as dimensional accuracy that are critical for turbine blades or other airplane components that are subjected to high temperatures. Its pattern is made of wax that would leave behind a cavity which will then be filled by the metal material of the component being produced.

Sand Castings

Large parts are normally produced by filling the mold cavity with molten metal. This mold cavity is usually shaped from synthetic or natural sand and is created by the use of a pattern that’s made of metal or wood with the shape and dimensions that are identical to the actual component.

Die Castings

This process involves forcing the metal into a mold at high pressure to ensure the production of identical components with an increased dimensional accuracy, and a better finish. Some of the produced components will require little or no machining after casting.

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