It takes many types of people to make the world go around and it takes many types of parts to make any machine work. One of the many ways to make these components is through investment castings.

What Is an Investment Casting?

Investment casting is a type of manufacturing process that involves creating castings from a wax pattern that is then repeatedly dipped in refractory ceramic material until a mold is formed. After the casting is made, the wax that helped give it shape is heated up and melted out of the cavity and replaced with molten metal. The metal solidifies inside the mold until it is fully cooled and then the casting is removed to reveal the finished product.

Vacuum Castings

One of the ways to make an investment casting is called vacuum casting. Vacuum castings follow the same process of investment casting but use an industrial vacuum to help the molten materials better set inside the casting. This is used for parts that need extra help settling into corners and other small areas.

Gravity Fed Castings

Much like vacuum castings, gravity fed castings are another way investment casting are made. This method involves using the natural force of gravity to aid the molten material in filling the casting. This is a favorite of manufacturers because it does not introduce gas or any pressure that might lead to air bubbles in the component that would weaken it. This is also a great way to mass produce components too.

What are investment castings?

Looking for More Information on Investment Castings?

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