Creating a strong finished product sometimes takes several steps. So, saving labor and still getting a quality component is key. And, that’s exactly what net shape processing or manufacturing does! So, if investment castings are a necessary component of your next project, understanding net shape manufacturing is smart.

What is Net Shape Manufacturing?

The final shape ­– or as near as possible to final – of a product is the net shape. Net shape manufacturing is a process that creates an object that is complete without needing finish machining or any other finishing actions. Near net shaping is used when net shaping is not.

What are the Benefits of Net Shape Manufacturing?

There is an array of benefits that come with net shape manufacturing. However, the cost effectiveness is arguably the best perk. By eliminating the needs for any extra finishing steps, net shape manufacturing cuts down on processing time and resource use. Additionally, net shape processing has the ability for faster production. It is a very familiar process. Meaning, metal workers commonly use it when it comes to investment castings that are high in demand.

What Materials can be Used?

There is a wide variety of materials metal workers use for net shape investment castings. This includes ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Some of your options are titanium, aluminum, copper, magnesium, and zinc. Steel, however, is not always an option as it requires more reheating and reworking.

Are You in Need of Investment Castings?

Investment castings are in commonplace for the metalworking industry. If your next project requires high-quality and reliable investment castings, contact Ferralloy today!

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