You’re probably familiar with the metalworking process involved in producing quality investment castings. However, you may not be quite certain if the design for your component is ideal for this type of production process. To give you an idea about the main qualities that make it ideal for you to use the process of investment casting, check this out:

You Need to Make the Same Component More Than Once

If you’re trying to produce a part that is required from time to time, it’s best to go for investment castings. Since the investment casting process involves the use of a wax pattern that was based on the mold that the wax material was injected into, this makes this metalworking process your ideal choice. However, if you don’t need to produce these parts on an ongoing basis, you’d be better off using other methods because the tooling cost of creating investment castings doesn’t come cheap.

The Component Requires High Precision

The investment casting process is second to none when it comes to high precision. The process allows you to produce certain parts that have complex shapes. In other words, you can create investment castings that have tight dimensions without compromising precision.

The Component Has Complex Internal Details

If your next project requires you to create components that have complex internal structures, your best bet is investment casting. Since the molten material is going to be poured into a ceramic mold, it can easily break away when the material solidifies and cools down. As for the internal details, these can also be easily achieved via innovative cooling, soluble wax coring or ceramic coring. For this reason, there’s practically no limit to the internal details that can be obtained in investment casting.

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