The investment castings process can produce the most intricate shapes in pretty much any alloy. It is the only metal working process that provides the design freedom to easily cast complex intricate shapes and assemblies. Here is more information why you should use investment casting and where you can find the best investment casting.


Investment casting provides reliable process controls and repeatability that are maintained from casting to casting.

Better for the Environment

Investment castings are produced from nine wax patterns. In most cases, the wax can be reclaimed and used again. The wax pattern allows you to see your part before it’s cast, eliminating expensive and wasteful revisions. This allows for less metal to be used.

Intricate Design

When using investment casting, engineers can do a lot to customize your product. Logos, product ID’s/numbers, letters, thru holes, slots, blind holes, external and internal splines, gears, and thread profiles are just some of the intricacies that can be done.


Ferralloy works with many different casting alloys. This allows our investment castings to be used for a variety of different industries.

Lower Cost

The initial wax injection mold to produce the patterns is often lower than other casting tooling costs. As a result, you get a more cost-effective product without having to sacrifice any quality.

Are You Looking for Investment Castings?

At Ferralloy, we offer the best investment casting in the business. Our years of experience in this process means that we can supply superior net shape or near net shape parts that need little or no finish work. Contact us today to learn more about our investment casting process.

What are investment castings?