The investment casting process is a metal casting process where a disposable wax replica, or “pattern”, which is identical to the casting desired, is produced from an injection molding type of tool. If you are thinking about using investment casting for your next project, here is some important information.

Why Is It Called Investment Casting?

The term “investment” refers to the process of the ceramic slurry application. When an object is dipped into a liquid, and that liquid stays on the surface, that is called investing, and hence this is where the name comes from. The process is sometimes also called the “Lost Wax” process as well as “Precision Castings”.

What Alloys Can Be Used?

Most all ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be investment cast. Although aluminum can be investment cast, it is not as popular due to its ability to be permanent mold cast due to its inherent low melting point. The more popular alloys include different variations of steel, copper, cobalt, and nickel.

What is the Accuracy?

Typically, a linear tolerance of plus/minus 0.010” for the first inch and then another plus/minus 0.005” for each inch after that is standard in terms of accuracy. The smaller the casting, the more dimensionally accurate it can be investment cast.

Do I Need Investment Castings for My Next Project?

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Do I Need Investment Casting for My Next Project?