The quality of the parts produced via the investment casting method is highly dependent on the quality control of each link. Thankfully, any stainless-steel casting manufacturer can influence the casting quality by paying close attention to the three basic aspects that are based on the casting defects that usually take place in the production process.

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What are the Three Major Aspects of Casting Quality?

Control of Raw Material

It’s important to note that due to the direct contact of the stainless-steel investment casting with the alloy melt, the surface layer material can strongly influence the casting’s overall quality. Furthermore, a stable channel of supply of alloy raw materials, as well as auxiliary materials, is extremely critical. When it comes to charging materials, strict control must be implemented, and the materials must be clean and rust-free before they are placed in the furnace. Lastly, to avoid introducing impurities into the alloy melt, it’s best to strictly follow the operating procedures.

Control of Coating and Dewaxing

Unless the manufacturers pay close attention to coating slurry quality control and monitor the binder extract’s gelation time in the coating slurry, it would be impossible to detect and give up the surface coating that has already deteriorated. Furthermore, it’s best to make sure that the permeability, as well as the thermal conductivity of the shell, are monitored and the wax mold’s surface layer needs to melt before the entire wax mold expands and causes the shell to crack. Lastly, the shell’s drying rate needs to be perfect because the dryness of the shell affects its strength and its tendency to crack when the wax mold expands during the dewaxing process.

Control of Roasting, Smelting, and Pouring

The shell must be fully roasted. During the allow smelting process, ensure proper deoxidation as well as slag removal treatment. Finally, the pouring temperature must be appropriate so that the molten steel completely fills the cavity and produce excellent surface quality.

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