Investment casting is one of the most popular methods used for creating metal parts that have countless applications across a variety of industries. Also called lost-wax casting or precision casting, this expendable mold process can produce complex components with excellent surface qualities and accuracy in a broad range of materials and sizes. When intricate details, as well as undercuts, are required for a particular component, a specific type of investment casting technique called vacuum casting should be used.

Are Vacuum Castings Similar to Investment Castings?

Vacuum investment castings are metal components that are created through the vacuum casting method, which is a type of investment casting method. Because both techniques that are being used to produce the metal components are different from each other, it’s safe to say that vacuum castings are not similar to the typical investment castings.

How Does the Vacuum Investment Casting Technique Work?

In case you’re clueless about the vacuum casting process, it starts with a two-piece mold that’s adequately positioned inside a vacuum chamber. The liquid metal is then drawn into the cavity through the vacuum. Once this is completed, the casting is placed inside an oven to solidify the molten metal. As soon as it hardens, the mold is removed, and the newly-produced metal component is released.

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Does Your Project Require Top-Quality Vacuum Investment Castings?

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