It’s important when looking for investment castings to make sure it is used with high-quality materials. Materials used in investment castings range from alloys to steel and aluminum. Let’s take a look at some of the best materials used in investment casting.


Gas turbine engine blades and nozzle guide vanes are the two most popular pieces that use superalloys. They are exposed to very demanding conditions and as a result, the nickel-base superalloys keep the everything cool internally.


The amount and variety of steel used has increased greatly since designers and engineers have realized the potential for investment castings. The aerospace, armament, automotive, food, petrochemical, nuclear, textile, valve and pump, and other general engineering industries all now use this technique. From gearbox parts and bicycle cam forks to golf club heads and various gear components, investment casting with steels covers them all.


Titanium alloy investment castings are produced for static structural applications requiring metallurgical integrity with high fracture toughness. A significant portion of the titanium alloy investment casting market is made up of golf club heads and long hollow compressor blades. Aluminum alloys are the most widely used investment castings in electronics, avionics, aerospace, pump and valve applications and military command equipment. Originally aluminum alloys were meant for small castings, but much larger sizes are now regularly cast.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Investment Casting?

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Where Can I Buy High-Quality Investment Casting?