The building and construction sector extensively uses castings investment and die casting services. Custom dies for casting metal parts are in high demand as the market booms for more residences and constructions.

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Companies That Use Castings Investment


Similar to the automobile industry, the aerospace business needs complicated parts that are lightweight and high tensile. Die casting in magnesium and aluminum enables aerospace industry producers to create lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

The utilization of large-scale die cast industrial products, including machine tools, conveyors, pumps, hoisting equipment, and compressors is required for high-precision production processes.


Die cast aluminum components can be manufactured precisely, affordably, without joints, with powder coating, and with various incorporated features. Due to this characteristic, they are perfect for furniture makers.


Paper mills depend on a variety of equipment with die cast parts. These consist of housings, pulleys, gears, and dryer heads for paper machines.


Excavators, drills, draglines, crushers, and specialized heavy-duty vehicles are examples of the types of mining and mineral processing equipment that utilize die cast metal components.


Castings made of cast iron and stainless steel are widely used in the culinary sector. Both the consumers who love to cook and the restaurant industry use items like cast-iron and stainless-steel pans, skillets, and ovens. Heavy equipment in the food processing industry frequently uses stainless-steel precision casting because of its resistance to bacteria, heat, and chemicals.


The fast-paced innovation in the consumer electronics sector necessitates a steady supply of precision parts that are flexible, light, heat-resistant, and highly durable. Everything from 5G base-station housing to smartphones, drones, personal computers, and home appliances use die cast components from the electronics sector.


Die casting components are necessary for producing pipes, drilling equipment, valves, flow controls, filtration systems, impellers, and other items in the oil and gas industries. Various die cast parts are used in the renewable energy industry, including brackets for solar panels and wind turbine blades.

Health Care

Die cast components are utilized to build sophisticated medical gadgets such gearboxes for hospital beds, pacemakers, dialysis equipment, medical robots, and ultrasound systems.


Because of their strength and low weight, aluminum metal castings are used to make window frames, roof structures, and building frames. Skyscrapers, bridges, and residential and commercial buildings are currently constructed using a range of die cast components.

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