Working with a trustworthy company is quite vital when you need investment castings. So how can you pick a trustworthy source of investment casting? Here are some qualities or concerns you need to look into.  

pouring of metal in investment casting

Traits of A Good Investment Casting Supplier  

Capability for Machining  

Occasionally, machining needs to be done after investment casting. In this case, it is crucial to understand whether the foundry also performs machining. Customers can significantly reduce their manufacturing costs and time by using in-house machining.  

However, there are instances when outsourcing makes it difficult for the provider to maintain quality control while also increasing the cost. Because most companies have a dedicated precision machining facility, they can confidently offer finished investment castings to customers.  

The Output of Investment Casting

Any customer should be aware of the output after confirming that the potential provider can create high-quality castings. You can tell if the provider can deliver a high volume of goods to you quickly by looking at the output. If not, choose a different service provider. Since Ferralloy produces several quality goods annually, we are confident in our ability to complete products in large quantities quickly.  

Manufacturing or Trading Firm  

In some countries, there are trade companies in addition to investment casting manufacturers. If the contacted investment casting company is the manufacturer, the customer should fully comprehend this. The manufacturer can offer you the most affordable costs, which is the main benefit.  

Additionally, you can promptly verify the production status after placing the order. You can also visit them directly to better understand the investment casting process. However, if the supplier is a trading company, the advantage for you to cooperate is communication or language. However, the cost will be somewhat greater. Ferralloy Inc. is the ideal supplier for your investment casting requirements. We can provide any investment casting as needed.  

investment casting pouring of molten metal

The Investment Casting Business Model  

You are good to go if you’ve checked the abovementioned traits! At Ferralloy Inc., we strive to provide quality service while maintaining better relationships with other trading firms, manufacturing firms, and companies. Call us for more information!