You might have heard of closed die forging, but understanding what it means is another matter.It plays a massive role in civil engineering, but the vast majority of people have no clue how vital the forging sector is to the modern world. Without it, everything would come to a standstill.

hot metal poured during the closed die forging process

How Reliable Is Forging in Engineering?

Forged Stainless Steel Introduction to Engineering

Stainless steels have been around since the turn of the century when the New York Times announced in 1915 that a corrosion-resistant alloy had been found in Sheffield, England, which was ideal for cutlery.Thus started the long journey of stainless-steel evolution in rolled form, culminating in today’s current grades suitable for all technical applications. Stainless steel forgings, in addition to the rolled stainless plate, have been growing in popularity.

Applications of Stainless-Steel Forgings

These are utilized in nearly every engineering sector, including general engineering systems, road and highway construction, oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive.

Road and Highway Forgings

Forgings provide the metal components needed to maintain the operation grinding from the quarry to the kiln, mixing to installation in road and highway.

Oil and Gas Industry

Stainless steel forgings are used in the oil and gas sector to make flanges, reducers, pump casings, and impellors.

Aerospace and Aviation Industry

Airframe members are forged from stainless steel alloy because of the strength-to-weight ratio. Stainless steel grades are also used to make a variety of fasteners, such as screws.

Automotive Industry

Crankshafts, pulleys, gear wheels, compressor pumps, radiators, exhaust components, and coolers are all made of stainless-steel closed die forgings in the automotive sector.

closed die forging process

Want to Know More About the Capabilities of Closed Die Forging?

Our capabilities for closed die forging include stainless steel and steel alloy forging, as well as value-added services like heat treatment, assembling, and testing. Contact Ferralloy to learn more about how our unique forging solutions can help you address your most challenging design difficulties.