Material handling baskets, such as heat treating baskets, can have a large impact on the efficiency of the parts finishing processes. A well-designed basket is effective at keeping parts safe from damage. While many manufacturers rely on plastic baskets, steel fabrications for material handling baskets can have several significant benefits. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Heat Resistance

Unlike plastic, steel is significantly more resistant to heat. The melting point of a basic stainless steel alloy is about 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit. The strongest plastic polymer out there has a melting point of 750 degrees. The high-temperature tolerance of steel allows these baskets to take on oven-like temperatures with ease without degrading or losing tensile strength like a plastic container would.

Larger Load Capacity

Steel has a greater strength than plastic. The higher strength of steel allows baskets to handle loads that would crush a frame made of plastic. One of the weakest steel alloys on the market it’s still four times stronger than one of the toughest polymers on the market.

Lasts Longer

As we talked about earlier, steel has a greater strength and heat tolerance than plastic. That means that no matter what you are using the basket for, the steel version will be more durable and last longer than one made of plastic.

Should I Use Heat Treating Baskets?

Steel heat treating baskets are much better to use than their plastic counterparts. If you are looking at using a heat treating basket for your next project, contact us today.

Should I Use Heat Treating Baskets?