There are a variety of applications where heat resistant castings are needed. Especially when temperatures reach extremely high levels, making sure that components in the equipment being used will withstand the circumstances is important in order to ensure the manufacturing process is successfully accomplished. What kind of applications benefit from heat resistant castings? The focus of this article will be on steel mills and how they accomplish what they aim to produce with heat resistant castings.

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What are Steel Mills?

Simply put, a steel mill is an industrial plant used to manufacture steel. There are several processes that can take place in a steel mill; sometimes the iron ore is being processed in to steel and sometimes there are casting parts that are being manufactured from pig iron or scraps. In an integrated mill, the primary functions include iron making, steel making, casting, roughing rolling and product rolling.For all of these processes to take place, different types of furnaces are employed, including a blast furnace where raw materials are integrated and liquefied. Heat resistant castings in this case are needed within the furnaces that can reach 2000oC. Furnace rolls and heat resistant castings are employed within the furnace being used to liquefy the raw ores into molten iron.

Heat Resistant Castings

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