Furnace rolls are just what they sound like. They are specialty rolls that are found in furnaces and used to allow furnaces to operate efficiently. A popular use for these rolls is found in a method called carburizing. Let’s take a look at carburizing and where you can find furnace rolls?

What are furnace rolls?


Carburizing is a common heat treating process that hardens a surface to make it resistant to wear while maintaining the strength of the core. Carbon steel parts, high alloy steel bearings, gears and other components that require higher than usual resistance and strength all go through the carburizing process. During carburizing, temperatures can reach 1560°F to 1740°F. Because of the high temps, all the components within the furnace need to be extremely heat resistant.

Furnace Rolls

One of those components that is extremely heat resistant that is found in a furnace is furnace rolls. They will typically see temperatures in excess of 500 degrees Fahrenheit for years at a time. These rolls are made of stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures for an extended period of time.

Where Can I Find the Best Furnace Rolls?

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Where can I find the best furnace rolls?