The metalworking technique of casting is crucial. For various sectors, this method has the potential to produce an extensive range of complicated pieces in a variety of metals. Castings may occasionally be used precisely as they emerge from the mold. However, to further refine the item, they frequently need to be machined. If you want to know more about machining and whether you should utilize machined castings for your next project, you can call us!There are numerous ways to maximize the potential of your metal materials. Knowing the basics of rolling, forging, investment casting, machining, and other processes is essential before starting your project. A component is cut to specified dimensions during the production process of machining, enabling even greater precision. But how do metalworkers assemble their components?

arranged machined castings products

Facing, Boring, Drilling, and Milling of Machined Castings


A component’s face or surface is sliced during this process; hence, a planar, flat, or surface is necessary. During the facing process, a metal object thus revolves around a single point. A good, smooth face surface is made possible by taking material from the piece’s end.


Both horizontal and vertical boring mills should be made available. In this process, a metalworker can position a spindle in any direction. Workers often use the boring technique to produce tidy and flawless finishes.


Metalworkers will use a drill bit to make a circular hole. Drilling makes use of a rotating cutting tool that has a range of hundreds to thousands of spins per minute. During this procedure, the machining process will remove tiny pieces.


This method involves a milling machine that spins at a rapid rate. A metalworker will feed the workpiece into the machine to remove the material in tiny shapes. Milling is usually excellent for parts with characteristics like holes, slots, and pockets.

thin rings as a result of machined castings process

Do You Need Durable Machined Castings for Your Upcoming Project?

The durability of your metal components will determine how well your next industrial project holds together. At Ferralloy Inc., we commit our time and skills to producing metalwork of the most outstanding caliber. So get in touch with us right away to find out more if you’re interested in our machined casting skills or other services!