Defects in steel forgings are often left out because they’re either hard to spot or because manufacturers rely too much on machined forgings. A lot of these defects usually come from the raw materials used in making the forgings.  Imperfections in steel forgings are considered to be defects, ranging from unfilled sections to surface cracking.

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Different Imperfections in Steel Forgings

Surface Cracking

Surface cracking is one of the most common defects in steel forgings, this imperfection occurs when metals are forged on surfaces at have low temperature. This defect is characterized by having cracks and flakes appear on the metal. To avoid surface cracking, there must be proper control of the temperature when working on steel forgings.

Die Shift

This defect often occurs when the upper die and lower die misalign during forging. Die shift becomes a problem when forging because the forged product does not have the right dimensions. This defect can be corrected by adjusting and aligning the upper and lower die properly.

Unfilled Section

One common defect in steel forgings that can be easily spotted is the unfilled sections. This type of imperfection happens when some of the forging sections remain unfilled due to inexperience or poor steel forging designs. This mistake can be avoided by carefully planning and exercising proper forging techniques.

Scale Pits

This imperfection often occurs when you don’t properly clean the forged surface when forging outdoors. When you’re forging without shade or protection, the forged surface is riddled with dust or dirt that irregularly forms on the surface of the forging material. This can easily be solved by cleaning the forged surface.

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Factors That Affect Machined Forgings and Steel Forgings

There are a lot of factors that can affect your machined forgings and steel forgings, that’s why it’s important to plan before you start. If you want to know more about forging, get in touch with our team today!