Cobalt alloys are a non-magnetic alloy that contains a variety of different metal components. It’s two main elements, however, are cobalt and chromium. Cobalt alloys are one of the most well-known alloys in metalworking. While it was originally created to replace traditional metal cutlery that was prone to staining and general wear and tear, cobalt alloys now offer so much more. It can be found in a wide range of application for countless industries. Some examples of applications that use this alloy include: car engines, valve seats, poppet valves, saw teeth, machine gun barrels, artificial hip joints, turning tools, and various other acid-resistant machine parts. Why are these alloys used for so many different parts? And, more importantly, should you be using them for yours? Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of using cobalt alloys!

Benefits of Using Cobalt Alloys

As a cobalt-based “superalloy”, it holds a wide range of benefits. Some of its biggest advantages include its strength, resistance to tremendous wear and tear, and ability to work under extreme temperatures. Not only is it able to function in a wide range of temperatures, but it has the ability to maintain its core strength and wear resistance, no matter the temperature, as well. As a result, this material is ideal for the environment with temperatures ranging from 600 to 1112˚F (3315 to 600˚C). Another one of its benefits is that you can introduce other elements to this alloy in order to meet your exact specifications.Now that you understand all of the benefits of using cobalt alloys, it’s time to decide if this alloy is right for your next project. If you are interested in ordering this alloy or any other metal, contact us. Ferralloy, Inc. has both the infrastructure and facilities to supply metals in numerous different grades and forms. Get the raw materials that you need at a competitive price and delivered just-in-time by contacting our international company today!