Are you thinking about using cobalt alloys for your next project? If you are, then there are a few things that you should learn about this extremely advantageous metal. Keep reading to learn 7 interesting facts that you need to know about cobalt alloys.

7 Facts About Cobalt Alloys

  1. It was originally created in the 1900s to substitute traditional metal cutlery that was prone to staining and general wear and tear, but its uses have grown throughout the years.
  2. It is a non-magnetic alloy and contains a variety of different elements such as cobalt and chromium.
  3. The combination of cobalt and chromium creates an extremely high melting point, which makes this metal perfect for a wide range of interesting applications from extreme cutting tools to hot section alloy coatings in gas turbines.
  4. Some of its biggest benefits include its toughness, heat resistance, and that it also reduces the amount of machine finishing.
  5. Adding different elements, such as nickel, iron, carbon, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, and titanium, to this alloy enables great control over its individual characteristics so that it will fit your exact needs.
  6. This alloy is commonly used in an intense environment where temperatures can range from 600 to 1112˚F, or 315 to 600˚C.
  7. Cobalt alloys are commonly used for saw teeth, acid-resistant machine parts, valves for internal combustion engines, machine guns and machine gun barrels, medical applications, turning tools for lathes, and more.

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what are some facts about cobalt alloys