When it comes to forging, there are several types. One of the most used types of forging is closed die forging. There are not only a lot of benefits to this kind of forging, but it can produce a wide variety of parts too.

The Closed Die Forging Process

The process begins when two dies are put together and the material is put through deformation until it touches the sides of the walls. After that, a small amount of the material should begin to flow out of the die impression, forming a flash that is thinned gradually. The flash cools rapidly, which provides an increased resistance to the deformation process. This helps to build up pressure inside the dies and helps material flow into unfilled areas of the impression.

Benefits of Using Closed Die Forging

This forging process has a ton of uses and can produce a nearly unlimited amount of 3-D shapes. Steel, titanium, aluminum, and other alloys are used, and parts can weigh anywhere from several ounces to 25 tons. The most popular materials used to produce parts using this forging method include:

  • Carbon and alloy steel
  • Tool steels
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper alloy
  • Several titanium alloys
  • And more

Parts produced by this type of forging can withstand a huge amount of pressure. Give that the forging process relies on putting material under extreme pressure, it makes the finished product that much stronger.

Where can I find closed die forging products?

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