Did you know that a number of factors have to be considered when purchasers select a specific metal forming process that’s perfect for their products or precision design? These considerations include economy, quality, and more. Thanks to the advancements of modern industry, they can choose from various metalworking processes such as casting, powder metallurgy, stamping, machining, and forging. However, if you’re your project requires safety and strength factors, your best option would have to be closed die forging.

What is Closed Die Forging?

When you’re looking for part quality as well as cost-efficiency that work best for applications that necessitate special sizes, critical performance, and maximum strength for small or medium metal components, closed die forging or impression die forging is the ideal choice.

How Does the Process Work?

The process involves forcing the molten metal to flow in a die or a closed shape that resembles a mold attached to an anvil. For the material to flow and fill the die cavities, the hammer is repeatedly dropped on the workpiece within milliseconds. The ‘flash’ or the excess metal that’s squeezed out of the die cavities cools faster than the rest of the metal – which means that the flash forces the metal to fill the die completely as it prevents more flash from forming. Once the forging is completed, the flash is removed.

What About Commercial Closed Die Forging?

When produced commercially, each workpiece is moved through various cavities in a die from the part’s ingot form to its final form. An ‘edging’ or a ‘bending position’ is used to distribute the metal into the rough shape in accordance to what’s needed later in the blocking cavities where the piece is working into a shape that closely resembles the final product. Generous bends and large fillets will be given to the workpiece during these different stages until the final shape is forged in a finisher.

Where can I get closed die forging?

Looking for Closed Die Forging?

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