Because closed die forging does not require hot material like open die forging, it can generate intricate shapes. It is a more efficient and cost-effective method of creating forged products. Likewise, it provides a lower production cost since each part requires less effort after the initial shaping step.

Closed Die Forging products

Near Net Shape Forging in Detail

What Is It?

Near net shape forging is a relatively new development of the traditional closed die forging method. It usually relates to various as-forged surfaces, closer dimensional tolerances, virtual elimination of the draft, variable parting line locations, and geometric characteristics that are thinner and more intricate. The final product has fewer machining operations, making it lighter. Because of this, it also leads to lower raw material and energy expenses. In many cases, the only machining operations required are the drilling of attachment holes. In the heat-treated and as-forged condition, near net shape forgings have a greater production cost than their conventionally forged equivalents. They are usually, but not always flashless. As post-forging machining procedures are removed, the cost advantage moves to near net shape forging.

As Compared to Machining

Correlated to the machining process, closed die forging is a precision forging method with flash, with this section being the only material loss. However, most experts sometimes utilize machining to substitute the closed die forging method, but because the ideal shape is achieved by machining equipment, a lot of material can be wasted.

Closed Die Forging products

Closed Die Forging Used in Aviation

A cost research and analysis conducted by experts for applying several processes like machining, near net shape forging, and investment casting yielded significant results, especially in aviation supplies and components. The most notable among the many is that the production efficiency of net form closed die forging is higher, and the cost is reduced for big volume production runs. If you want to know more about the advantages of using near net shape forging, contact our professionals today!