We experience the power of gravity every day. And the metalworking industry knows how to implement natural forces. And, it creates durable products for industrial purposes. Gravity castings, also known as permanent mold castings, are one of those forces that metal workers can use to the industry’s advantage.There are some obvious benefits to using a gravity fed casting. To start, in comparison to sand casting – a method that uses sand as the mold material – gravity castings offer a smoother cast finish. A gravity fed casting also show as in having better mechanical properties in comparison to sand casting. This is because there is less gas that gets trapped within the material. However, you cannot produce some complex molds with gravity fed castings that you can with sand castings.Additionally, a gravity fed casting allow for better dimensional accuracy. This is in addition to high production rates because of their reusable ability. Note that the process has the possibility to be more expensive than other options (depending on the variables of your needs). But, you are able to get more out of your casting. This makes them a great choice for projects that have demand for several strong components. During the process, the mold aids in the casting material to solidify quicker. This will happen after the metal worker performs a low pressure or tilt pour.

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