You may have wondered about how castings investment or investment casting would benefit the manufacturer, the designer, and the end user. If you’re new to this concept, castings investment is a process of creating metal parts by pouring metal into hollow mold shells which are made out of ceramic materials that are built around wax models. Over thousands of years, this metal-forming technique has been refined to reduce the amount of metal used as well as extensive machining and finishing. Check out the following reasons why castings investment is the best.

It Requires Little or No Further Processing

Did you know that this metal casting technique is capable of producing accurate detail as well as dimensional precision of +/-0.005” per inch of dimension in castings of just a few ounces or up to 200 lbs.? This means that if you’re intent is to produce near-net-shaped metal components that require little or no further processing, castings investment is the right choice for you.

The Metal Loses are Minimal

Since the components that this process produces require little machining, lost metal, chips, and shavings will be significantly reduced. If you’re working expensive materials that are not easy to machine such as cobalt alloys, nickel alloys, and stainless steels, you’ll find that using investment castings is extremely valuable.

The Components are Consistent

The investment casting’s use of wax patterns in the production of cast components makes dimensional accuracy the same from part to part. With investment castings, you can expect to produce consistent and reliable products order to order.

You’ll Have a Wide Choice of Alloys

This process allows you to cast a wide variety of alloys in base metals such as copper, nickel, cobalt, irons, and stainless steels because of the fact that finish machining is reduced or even eliminated. Investment casting makes it possible for you to upgrade your alloy selection to stronger metals which would ultimately result in the end product’s better performance. This implies design flexibility for both internal and external configurations.

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