More often than not, high-performance alloys may require the use of a vacuum during castings investment. This method is specifically used when control of exposure to oxygen as well as component detail is highly critical. For example, structural automotive parts that have thin to medium wall sections need to meet stringent requirements that include high mechanical strength, low production scatter, and excellent welding characteristics. The only way to satisfy the structural quality they require is through vacuum casting.

What is Vacuum Casting?

In case you’re not familiar, castings investment with the use of vacuum has the ability to create the required conditions for decisively reducing the porosity of gas. Vacuum casting makes this happen by evacuating air from the die cavity. However, the required values to be achieved without additional heat treatment are dependent on the type of alloy that’s being used. However, if this treatment is necessary, surface flaws will be produced in the presence of even minor gas porosity. This is totally unacceptable on the end product.

What are Its Requirements?

For optimal vacuum castings investment process, high performance must be offered by the vacuum equipment and each individual step must also be optimized to reduce the gas porosity. First, you’ll need the die and shot assembly that’s tightly sealed to ensure process reliability. What’s more, velocity and pressure profiles must be controlled in real time with high reproducibility and high precision. Lastly, factors that include die temperate control, die spraying, molten metal feed, and plunger lubrication must be optimized as well.

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Know More About Castings Investment’s Vacuum Casting Method!

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