When it comes to choosing what castings investment is best for your next job, there are a lot of factors to take in. If your job calls for a lot of parts or small parts, you might want to look into investment castings. There are numerous benefits to investment casting and the process isn’t as in-depth as other types of castings.

Benefits of Investment Casting

Each project or job requires a different type of casting to make parts. Investment castings typically involve small pieces, but the process can be used to produce castings that weigh well over 1,000 pounds. The biggest reason people use investment castings is because of the intricate shapes that it can produce. Most of the small pieces that are created by investment casting could not be made by any other process.

The Process

The investment casting process is well laid out and easy to break down into these six phases:

  • Creating the Pattern
  • Mouthing the Wax Patterns/Creating the Tree
  • Creating the Mold Shell
  • Wax Removal
  • Melt and Cast
  • Final Operations

The first three steps in the process involve creating the molds needed out of wax and then the mold is created. The mold is created by repeatedly dipping the wax pattern into a ceramic slurry. After that, the wax is removed from the inside and then the molten metal is poured into the cast. Once the metal cools, the cast is removed and you are left with the desired component.

Where can I find some great castings investment?

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