Dedicated to improving, the metal casting industry strives to improve its processes and technologies. But, there is one industrial process that has stood the test of time. Derived from lost-wax casting, castings investment – or investment casting – is still used to produce precise patterns.

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting is a process of metal-forming and allows metal workers to create products with remarkable surfaces. The process begins by creating a mold and creating patterns. Then, workers use wax to make patterns. Later, they can reuse this wax. But, these patterns allow for easy reproduction.Then, the investing of materials beings with a series of coating and hardening. Materials are invested – jargon for poured – into the mold decorated with unique patterns. Lastly, dewaxing, heating, pouring, removal and cleaning round out the process.

How was Investing Casting Used in the Past?

Thousands of years ago investment casting started off as lost-wax casting. Workers made ornaments and jewelry with casting. Beeswax was used to make patterns and molds. Modern day castings investment involves a very similar process. But, with more industrial materials.

What Makes Investment Casting a Popular Process?

Investment casting is extremely versatile. This begins with the materials that can be cast. Workers can use glass, aluminum, steel alloys and carbon steel. Workers may also use materials like titanium. The customizability gives customers an array of options. They can choose which materials best suit their project. Also, metal workers take the ceramic molds used in investment castings to upwards of 1,500F. This allows for a stronger finished product.

Want to Know More About Castings Investment?

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