Closed die forgings can be used in as many ways as a given industry requires. Carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel forgings can be found anywhere, ranging in size from the smallest 3-ounce forging to enormous pieces weighing 350 pounds. Examples of industries that use closed die forging are agriculture, aerospace, mining, and off-highway. This is because forgings are the best alternative for cost-effectiveness, durability, and on-demand production, according to these sectors’ long-term findings.

finished products of closed die forging

Utilization of Closed-Die Forging

What Is It?

Metal is wedged between one or more individually shaped dies during closed die forging. This intricate process is also known as impression-die forging. The metal is pressed or hammered, which causes it to flow and fill the cavities of the shaped die. One of the most used techniques for forging steel parts are closed-die forging. Such a procedure takes advantage of the interior grain structure of the metal to create stronger, more durable products. For closed-die forgings, little to no machining is required. The metal is simply bent to fit the die impression or mold using heat and the force of a closed-die forging hammer or press.


Due to the expense of producing dies, short or minute production runs are often not financially viable. Likewise, it will require higher setup costs brought on by the expensive equipment and furnaces.


It is possible to produce dimensions with more exact tolerances and different shapes.

  • No or little machining required
  • For big production runs, it can be very economical
  • Produces more accurate and reliable impressions
  • Capacity to replicate almost any shape or size
  • Enhanced mechanical characteristics and improved surface finish
process made after closed die forging

Inquire About Closed Die Forging Products

At Ferralloy Inc., we can produce precision components with various wall thicknesses, intricate forms, and tight tolerances using closed die forging. Additionally, we are all outfitted with a full complement of machining tools. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!