To get the metal components you use in everyday life, there are several processes that have to take place in order to achieve the end product. Even the most commonly used metal items that people use in their daily lives would be unrecognizable in its raw form. One of the many processes that metals undergo is alonizing. Even though not many consumers are aware of this process, it plays an important role in some of the most popular metal components. Keep reading to find out more about just one of the many products and processes Ferralloy specializes in!

Alonizing metals such as Keg Necks

What is Alonizing?

Alonizing is a type of process referred to as a diffusion metallizing process. Simply put it is a thermochemical treatment where the surface layer of a metal is enriched with some metallic element. A common type of alonizing is the diffusion of aluminum through high temperature vapors on the surface of another metal. After the process is complete, the results are a base metal that retains all of its inherent characteristics, whilst having the surface properties of aluminum. A common alloy used as the base metal is steel. The purpose of steel would then be to have a steel that retains its strength and rigidity, and is also resistant to corrosion. Aluminum is a highly corrosion-resistant metal in itself, so adding that to the surface of a metal would produce a strong and resistant alloy.

What are Alonizing Applications?

This process is commonly used in extreme environments where metal components need to be strong and also resist corrosion. An example would be tubing and piping in highly corrosive environments. Furnace tubes, reformer tubes, heat exchanger tubes, waste gas heater tubes and downhole tubes for wells and production vessels are all examples of scenarios that would require metals that have undergone alonizing. Also piping used in oil and chemical production as well as power generation circumstances would also be common uses for metals that have been alonized.No matter what the purpose is, Ferralloy can deliver the high quality metal component that you require. We have the capacity and authority to produce and manufacture the widest variety of metal products. Simply call us or visit our metalworking company online today to find out how we can benefit your business by meeting all of your metal needs!