Did you know that zinc Alloy Castings offer more benefits that you think? Compared to other alternative materials, it provides a better mix of toughness, strength, bearing, rigidity, overall performance as well as economical castability. If you’re interested in saving your time and your money, check out this detailed comparison between zinc Alloy Castings and other materials to find out why zinc’s properties of duration and strength far exceed the ones of other alloys.

Zinc Alloy Castings Vs. Aluminum Alloy Castings

Since zinc is a lot more precise than aluminum, you can produce smaller and longer cored holes, smaller draft angles, and thinner wall sections with it. Aside from this, zinc can offer you a much longer tool life as well as much better formability and machinability. Moreover, parts that are made with aluminum are more likely to leak than the ones made with zinc. However, the best reason why you should consider zinc Alloy Castings over aluminum is that its casting costs are lower.

Zinc Alloy Castings Vs. Machined Steel

Although machined steel is cheaper than zinc, you won’t be able to reproduce complex features with it unless you assemble pressings. Therefore, you’ll still manage to reduce process costs with zinc than with machined steel because, in terms of design, you won’t be limited if you use zinc. Unlike steel, you can distort parts that are made of zinc to achieve your desired shape.

Zinc Alloy Castings Vs. Magnesium

Are you aware that the price of magnesium is much similar to aluminum? Furthermore, when we talk about rigidity to cost ratio as well as strength to cost ratio, the properties of zinc are undeniably superior to those of magnesium alloy. If you want to be able to create lower draft angles, have greater workable strength and elongation, reach excellent precision, have better corrosion resistance, have bigger savings in process costs, reach first-rate formability, then choose zinc over magnesium.

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