When it comes to the modern industrial site, you need materials that can stand up to a lot of different environments. Alloy castings are going to be something you use often on projects. What are alloys? They are a highly-useful material that can change the way you do business.


Some metals have better electrical conductivity than others, some metals are more heat resistant than others, and some are resistant to corrosion. But what happens when you need something that has all of these properties? This is where alloy comes into play. Steel is a great example because it requires the right combination of carbon and iron. Alloys are not just a combination of materials but finding out what works on a chemical and elemental level.


When it comes to alloys, some are naturally occurring while others require some processing to be used in an industrial setting. Ferro-alloys like Ferro-chromium or Ferro-silicon are produced by smelting mixed ores and are used in steel production. Producing alloys is not an easy process, it requires the right environment and temperature or else you could end up with two metals separating into layers like oil and water.

Composition of Metals

Some popular alloys that you probably interact with on a daily basis are:

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Pewter
  • Cast and wrought iron
  • Coin metals
  • Solder
  • And more

Not only are existing alloys produced every day, but thousands of new alloys are being developed as well. Meeting certain standard and purity is the most important part of creating a new alloy that can be used in the real world.

What are alloy castings?

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