Aluminum is regarded as one of the greatest materials for investment castings. It is frequently employed in die casting, sand casting, and permanent mold casting. This substance is well renowned for having a great strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it the ideal metal for many casting applications.

aluminum tubes for investment castings

Benefits of Using Aluminum Investment Castings

Heat Treatment

The thorough degassing method and resistant melting process are the best casting processes to use when working with this kind of material. With tight tolerances and good repeatability from the first material to the last, this is a certainty. A higher degree of machinability, corrosion resistance, ductility, and strength can be achieved by using heat treatment during the casting process.

Numerous Applications

There are numerous businesses that profit from the casting of aluminum. Electronics, military, aerospace, the food and dairy industry, as well as businesses that manufacture dental or medical equipment, are just a few of the many industries that use aluminum investment castings. Pistol frames, leavers, medical equipment, valves, and heat sinks are a few examples of items made with aluminum casting.

Near-Net Shape

Better surface finishes, close dimensional tolerances, and increased alloy flexibility are a few of the many benefits of choosing aluminum. By opting for this process, the end product can be produced in a near-net shape, which requires less machining and other operations that may be more expensive.

worker counts finished product from investment castings

Ask About Investment in Aluminum Investment Castings

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