You’re probably aware of the fact that seamless rolled rings forging is hugely popular among various sectors including the machine shops, pharmaceutical companies, and the nuclear industry. In case you’re wondering how the process of rolled ring forging is performed, it starts with a circular preform of metal. This preform is then pierced in the middle in order to produce a hollow shape that resembles a doughnut. Heat is applied to the ring to reduce the thickness of its walls and increase its diameter until the desired size is achieved. Seamless rolled rings forging offers loads of advantages. Check these out:


Did you know that seamless rolled rings forging requires little or no machining? Since the shape of the rings and the finished shapes’ contour closely match, they are manufactured at a much lower cost compared to similar products. In other words, with seamless rolled rings forging, you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

Strength and Reliability

Compared to other components, forgings are capable of maintaining their strength even when they’re being subjected to high-temperature fluctuations. Moreover, the grain patterns that are being used in producing these rings provide them with more resistance.

More Options for Materials

One of the best things about seamless rolled rings forging is the fact that they can be made from any forgeable material. For instance, you can use stainless steel, alloy, and various aerospace metals. For this reason, these rings are widely used among manufacturers who seek parts in markets that include chemical and refinery industries, as well as power generation.

Do You Need More Information About Seamless Rolled Rings Forging?

If you’re curious to know more about the benefits that seamless rolled rings forging has in store for you, contact the leading comprehensive engineered product resource – Ferralloy, Inc. today. We supply rolled ring forgings in diameters up to 110” from carbon, alloy, and stainless steel.