The two most popular methods for bending metal are closed and open die forging. Although the two methods of forging share the fundamental concept of altering material under pressure and heat, their use of dies to shape the metal makes them distinct from one another.

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Open Die Forging and Its Types and Applications

What Is an Open Die Forging?

Smith forging or free forging are other names for open die forging. To reach the tolerances necessary for the finished standards, products of open die forging frequently need additional machining and refinement.Free forging is commonly employed for short runs of parts with a straightforward design, such as discs, rings, sleeves, cylinders, and shafts. It can also create unique custom shapes.The strength of the grain structure is increased by repeatedly putting the material through the deformation process. A few additional benefits of open die forging are improved fatigue resistance, increased strength, and decreased voids.Additionally, this type of die forging reduces lead times and costs by requiring little to no tooling. However, such technical procedures often demand other techniques like machining to finish the component because it doesn’t always yield consistent results.

What Are the Types and Applications?

Both significant metal components requiring great strength and more minor ones requiring strength are produced using open die forging. For applications involving the safety and well-being of people, the method offers additional durability and strength and is particularly effective. For instance, open die forging is customarily used in aerospace, defense, alternative energy, and automotive industries.Although numerous uses and varieties exist for free forging, the process works well for simple objects. Discs, rings, sleeves, cylinders and shafts, step shafts, bars, beams, spindles, hubs, mandrels, metal shells, perforated blanks, and other items are also exceptional when they undergo an open die forging.Even massive objects up to 80 feet long and weighing more than 100 tons can be forged using this method.

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