Do you plan to choose investment castings for your next project? The production of these precision-engineered parts allows you to reduce energy, material waste, and additional machining. However, before choosing investment casting, the following factors need to be considered:

Cost of Tooling

When it comes to selecting the tooling options you need for investment casting, you have to consider your expected usage rates. Investment castings may become more costly if the quantity requirements are low. If permanent tooling is used, castings that are produced using other cost-effective alternatives are recommended. Another factor you need to consider is the tooling amortization. In case you’re not aware, the investment cast tool consists of multiple components that are fitted together in order to come up with the complex geometry of most investment castings. While you can easily overlook the front-end cost, the cost of further machining and fabrication doesn’t come cheap.

Size Limitations

Investment castings can be created in a range of sizes. However, it’s important to note that compared to the other shaped technologies such as the sand-casting technique, the upper limitations of investment castings on that range is lesser.

Very Small Internal Shapes

If you’re using investment casting for applications that are thin-walled, you’re making the right choice. However, if you’re trying to produce structures that make use of cores, this method can present you with processing challenges. In case you’re not aware, it’s not possible for holes to be much deeper than 1.5x diameter or much smaller than about 1.6mm or 1/16”.


Did you know that the investment casting process involves a series of steps? This means that compared to other castings processes, it takes longer to complete. However, since castings typically don’t require additional machining, the entire process time to produce a finished component can still be shorter than its alternatives.

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