When it comes to heat treating your parts, a crucial part of the process is using a heat treating basket to expose the parts to extreme conditions. When it comes to heat treating baskets, there are a wide variety of types. Typically, even the strongest baskets that have previously been on the market do not last very long but thankfully that isn’t the case anymore.

What Is a Heat Treating Basket?

One of the many steps in the process of finishing parts is heat-treating them. You do that by exposing them to high heats in a controlled environment. This gives them the proper treatment to withstand high heats when they are put to use in machines. Heat-treating baskets are how this result is achieved. These items are put inside the baskets and then exposed to extreme conditions to temper the parts.

Benefits of Stackable Cast Baskets

The biggest benefit of using heat treating baskets is how durable they are. Traditional baskets used for heat treating break down due to the extreme temperatures and conditions. A lot of the baskets normally used do not last very long and usually end up being warped beyond repair in little to no time. Heat treating baskets last much longer than these baskets because of their high nickel content and superior design in comparison.

What are heat treating baskets?

Looking for Heat Treating Baskets?

When it comes to selecting the proper heat treating baskets for your next project, make it the Ferralloy Stackable Cast Basket. They are built tougher to last longer and can save you money in the long run due to their durability. Contact us today for more information about our baskets or a wide variety of other products.