Did you know that creating forged rolled rings that are similar to the final machine part can give you the benefit of having reduced manufacturing cost? Aside from the fact that the ring production requires less input material, the entire process requires fewer machinery hours because there’s also less material that has to be machined away. What’s more, there will be less wear and tear on your machining equipment as well!

The Benefit of Using Forged Rolled Rings in Near Net Shapes

However, some people wrongfully assume that when the cost is reduced, the component’s strength and durability are compromised. Thankfully this isn’t the case with forged rolled rings created in near net shapes. Despite the cost reduction, its strength and durability are not affected since these are already inherent in the forging process. Due to these cost-reduction factors, near net shapes are widely used in the aerospace sector where the cost of most materials is high. They’re also popular among projects with material requirements that are less exotic because of the significant savings as described above that are offered by forged rolled rings in near net shapes.

More Benefits of Rolled Rings

Other near net forgings that closely match the actual shape of the final machine components also have designs that include flanges, ball baths, cups and cones, inner barrel shapes, double ball paths, and more. It’s possible to design forgings that come as close to the machined print as the component’s input material and size will allow. In other words, any grain flow requirements will be taken into consideration by the design. Furthermore, the excess material that it will provide will also be sufficient for cleaning the forging up to its final dimensions.

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